Bargain wines at Lush!

Mos def a must place to hang when you’re craving wine.  No vinho knowledge required, just an open mind and curious taste buds for juice.  The barkeeps are young, hip and do their best to get you some info on the bottle you’ve selected.  They’ll make solid recommendations to pair a bottle for the event, whether its for dinner at your partner’s house or you’re just feeling a need for an inexpensive bottle of red.  Heck, anytime is a good occasion to de-cork a bottle of red.

Make sure you peruse the $10 bottle bins; there are gems here but you just have to look.  It’s not uncommon to find a Pommard-like bottle here and priced deep in discount territory.

Enjoy people!  And thank the owner for having the courage to pop this open in University Village.

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It’s one business at a time!

We are growing stronger everyday as we add one business at a time.  We’re off to a very good start in the North Georgia area as businesses and merchants are receiving us with enthusiasm.  As I visit with a small business proprietor, I hear the common thread that it’s a very tough environment out there.  They do everything they can to scrape and get by and offer the same quality product and service so that the customer is satisfied.  They stick to their guns and having a satisfied customer goes along way in terms of winning repeat business.

Businesses need all the help they can get these days and marketing and advertising dollars are in short supply.  That’s why when we tell them that DealScream is free for four months, they jump all over it.  They know we’re just starting out so there may not be that much traffic yet but they also know the value we bring.  They know that our efforts will pay off down the road. 

We’re excited about each and every business we approach and sign on and the enthusiasm we get from these folks is enough for us to keep going.  Rise up small businesses all across America!  Thank you for all that you do!


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Fully Launched on Labor Day, 2010!

So we’re fully launched but still testing our utility tool.  All systems are go but bugs are still in the system and we’ve got our extermination masks on.  This is an ongoing project; not only do we have to continue refining the site but the hiccups will be many as we move forward.  System tweaks are an ongoing affair when it comes to reaching for perfection.  But as we all know, for every step towards perfection, we find twenty imperfections.

Enjoy Labor Day Weekend, 2010 but remember what this Holiday symbolizes.  It was created in honor of the US work force, the laborer that built this country, and those that died for the right to earn decent wages for a day’s work.  I don’t need to describe in this article why and how Labor Day was created.  Each and every US Citizen should take it upon themselves to research and understand the meaning of this Holiday.  It is in recognition and appreciation for the hard working Americans who stand post at their jobs, take pride in their work, making sure the powerful American economic engine keeps chugging on!  It is for the patriotic citizen who pays their taxes to make sure our National Security is vigilantly defended!  And it is to the common folk who wake up every morning to go to work so that this great republic continues to be an economic power for ages to come!

DealScream recognizes, appreciates and thanks the American work force, as the hardest working people in this world.  Enjoy Labor Day, America!

DealScreamer #1

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Rise up!

Wake up America and welcome to the new economic reality.  For decades, since the last great war, we’ve enjoyed a time of prosperity and growth.  But ten years into the new millenia, we have some strong headwinds ahead of us.  From years and years of uncontrolled consumerism, using debt to compile and hoard, we are now becoming a nation of savers.  This is good news and bad news.  The good news is that we woke up to a new reality of living within our means.  Along with this comes the realization that at some point in time, the piper has to get paid and we as good citizens are starting reduce our debt.  Credit cards are getting less slide time and we’re back to using debit cards or good old reliable cash.  The bad news is for the businesses that rely on consumers.  The shopping public are more savvy these days and have the ability to bargain for better deals.  Businesses are hurting and are more inclined to lower their price rather than lose a sale.  So where do you go as a buyer to find the best deal and where can business go to find these shoppers?

This is where DealScream comes in.  We have created a virtual market place where businesses can shout their deals, discounts, bargains, price reductions, and specials and it’s where consumers can search for the items they need at the best price.  No more looking at each individual websites to shop and compare.  That takes too long!  At, merchants place their deals in their profile and they have the ability to change their price 24/7/365.  This means that a pizzeria can change the price on their 16 inch pizza at 11 am to accommodate the lunch crowd, then change the price again at 4 pm to set up for the dinner crowd.  You as the shopper have the benefit of being able to shop all the pizza restaurants in your neighborhood and choose the best deal for your budget.  It is that simple but to get a real appreciation for the tool and learn all it has to offer, all you have to do is play with it.

The best part of all this is that we help many of the educational organizations in your communities.  DealScream donates 5% of its revenue to causes such as the PTA organization in your school systems.  Every year, we will sponsor entrepreneurial clubs  in schools to teach the basics of business building.  We sponsor programs to teach children the arts and humanities, subjects that are in danger of becoming extinct.  In short, we believe that the strength of our country lies in a better educated America.

So if you are a business, sign up with DealScream.  If you are a shopper and love deals, use DealScream.  We have other gadgets, utilities and tools that will be rolled out in th enext few months.  In the meantime, enjoy our site and spread the good word!

DealScreamer #1

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